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Preparing for the Future: A Practical Guide

Published on 2/12/2024
We are delighted to offer you Preparing for the Future: A Practical Guide, compiled by Northampton Neighbors members Leigh Bailey, Katharine Baker, Regina Bragdon, Ken Dym, and Rainey Millman.

This workbook was former Board president Ken Dym’s idea. He believed it would help all of us plan for the future. Like Ken, we hope you find this workbook useful as you engage in advance planning. Click here to download the workbook.

The workbook is designed to be filled out with information from one person. If you share information and assets with another person, you can complete the workbook for one of you, duplicate it, and then edit it with the other person’s information.

Print out the workbook and use a pencil as you complete it, in case of possible changes.
Or, download, rename, complete, and save the workbook on your computer.

Note: If you have too much information to fit in a fillable field, the type will reduce in size to fit into the available space. If there is too much information to fit in the field, add the extra information to a new page at the end of the document.

We’d suggest you keep the hard copy in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box and keep the digital workbooks safe by password-protecting access to them, making sure loved ones have access to both.

Please let us know if you have suggestions for improvements for a second edition. Send them to

Northampton Neighbors Board of Directors